Service coordinator

What we look for

In order to be a successful Service Coordinator, you must ensure you are capable of managing support and maintenance operations, guaranteeing the fulfillment of service commitments, and coordinating with all stakeholders.

Main Functions:

Your day-to-day duties include:

  • Directly receive and register all requests submitted to the platform to prevent sponsored claims.
  • Determine tentative dates of services, attending to clients as soon as possible.
  • Contact clients to coordinate the date and time to perform services.
  • Receive and register confirmation from the client -via telephone or e-mail- and coordinate services directly with TUTEN.
  • Create services and send the most appropriate technician to the client’s needs according to company policies, to achieve the best possible results.
  • Attend to the Sponsor’s requirements and requests as soon as possible, meeting the SLAs established.
  • Follow up on incoming requirements to report to direct supervision.
  • Supervise the technical resources agenda, facilitating the organization.
  • Execute all administrative actions necessary to keep the coordination process up to date.
  • Directly coordinate with clients on all services entered into TUTEN, ensuring optimal and efficient attention for client satisfaction.


What you need

  • Passion for excellence in every task you perform, determination to satisfy the client’s needs in an extraordinary manner, and an entrepreneurial spirit that empowers you to take on your own responsibilities autonomously.
  • Demonstrated success in generating outstanding results.
  • A desire to improve the world through the use of technology.
  • The ability to be ingenious and innovative in every aspect of your life.
  • A degree in Technical Administration or a related field.
  • A minimum of 1 to 3 years of experience in similar positions.
  • Experience in customer service.
  • Excel skills.

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    About Tutenlabs

    Tutentalbs is a Chilean multinational technology company (with operations in USA, Chile, Mexico and Colombia), providing support to big enterprises in digitizing, optimizing and standardizing their field operations to increase their productivity and service quality. We are experts in mobile workforce management, utilizing technology platforms to optimize daily activities and increase transparency for all stakeholders, preparing big enterprises to manage the future workforce.

    Why Tutenlabs?

    Innovation and technology are integral parts of our daily work, encouraging learning and continuous improvement in every process and decision. Our team is young, ambitious, goal-oriented and motivated to make a positive impact on our customers. As part of the TUTEN LABS culture, employees are empowered to handle tasks independently, in alignment with the company’s goals.

    We are a culture of team players, and we value companionship and responsibility.

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