On-site maintenance management

Comprehensively manage preventive and corrective maintenance activities. Load tasks schedule, assign them, and track their execution all in one place, with specific platforms for each type of user. Measure team productivity and perform continuous improvement based on data.


Impact and benefits

Improves compliance with SLAs and avoid fines.

Ensures effective implementation of planned activities, according to established protocols.
Optimal allocation of resources according to rules defined by the business.
Reduction of load for backoffice staff.
Allows you to react in real time to contingencies.
Improves inventory management and control, maximizing the use of inputs and reducing losses.

Optimizes the utilization of your fleet.

Data analytics for continuous process optimization.

Tutenlabs products used


We apply our on-site maintenance management solution to the following industries.

Industrial production - Tutenlabs
Retail - Tutenlabs
Health - Tutenlabs
Mass consumption - Tutenlabs
Maintenance Services - Tutenlabs
Utilities and telecommunications - Tutenlabs
Education - Tutenlabs
Changi General Hospital


One of the most important hospitals in Singapore


To optimize the utilization of its operational staff, reducing overtime expenses, a tool to manage the maintenance of its facilities was needed.


Tutenlabs´ Facility and Asset Management solution was implemented, with the following functionalities:

  • Automatic scheduling and tasks assignment.
  • Overtime management module.
  • Mobile application for field teams.


Thanks to better personnel management derived from the use of the platform, an overtime by 35% was possible to reduce.

Smartly manage your processes

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