Marketplace Services

Create a new line of business and generate new revenues by selling complementary services to your product offering. Integrate our service sales platform to your e-commerce, assign the services sold automatically to the ideal professional and provide traceability to your customers and back office regarding their execution status.


Impact and benefits

Differentiation from the competition, creating greater added value.

Generation of new income from the sale of complementary on-demand or recurring services.

Boost to sales of products that require associated services (Example: installations.).

Tutenlabs products used


We apply our marketplace services solution to the following industries.

Retail - Tutenlabs
Utilities - Tutenlabs
Telecommunications - Tutenlabs
Security - Tutenlabs
Insurance - Tutenlabs


Home Improvement Retail


The largest home improvement retailer in Chile sought to monetize its customer base, by selling complementary services to its product offer in stores, through a 100% digital experience.


Tutenlabs implemented a platform for the sale of services via web or mobile app, with provider assignment engine and automatic scheduling and monitoring of services in real time.


  • Regional scope, presence in 7 Latin American countries.
  • Processing more than 1.8 million services per year (under regime).
  • More than 2,000 service professionals use the platform.

Smartly manage your processes

Request a demo of the platform adapted to your business. With Tutenlabs you can build up your own software to improve your efficiency and processes.