Fullstack Developer- Semi Senior

What we are looking for:

A successful Full Stack Developer will create mock-ups for clients produced by the design department, adding functionality and dynamism, ensuring readability of the data and ensuring the design is compatible with multiple devices.

Main functions:

Your day-to-day duties include:

  • Create base layouts for system use.
  • Validate data to maintain a standard and data integration.
  • Utilize styles and effects to create aesthetically pleasing designs.
  • Perform data management to ensure the web page and/or app are dynamic.
  • Use best practices to organize the information.
  • Provide quality and timely delivery of deliverables to achieve the service standards expected by the customer.
  • Ensure correct delivery of developments based on unitary tests and evidence gathered from different scenarios from the customer requirements.


What you need

  • Passion for excellence in every task you perform, determination to satisfy the client’s needs in an extraordinary manner, and an entrepreneurial spirit that empowers you to take on your own responsibilities autonomously.
  • Demonstrated success in generating outstanding results.
  • A desire to improve the world through the use of technology.
  • The ability to be ingenious and innovative in every aspect of your life.
  • A minimum of four years of experience working on technology projects or software development.
  • A degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Systems.
  • Working knowledge of React, Java 8 and PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with E-commerce projects and service platforms is desirable.

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    About Tutenlabs

    Tutentalbs is a Chilean multinational technology company (with operations in USA, Chile, Mexico and Colombia), providing support to big enterprises in digitizing, optimizing and standardizing their field operations to increase their productivity and service quality. We are experts in mobile workforce management, utilizing technology platforms to optimize daily activities and increase transparency for all stakeholders, preparing big enterprises to manage the future workforce.

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    Innovation and technology are integral parts of our daily work, encouraging learning and continuous improvement in every process and decision. Our team is young, ambitious, goal-oriented and motivated to make a positive impact on our customers. As part of the TUTEN LABS culture, employees are empowered to handle tasks independently, in alignment with the company’s goals.

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