Field Sales Team Management

Optimizes commercial management on the field, increasing the effectiveness of your commercial team. Defines and assigns trade routes and electronically signs contracts, expediting the process and improving conversion. Once the sale is executed, facilities or other work to be carried out can be fully managed.


Impact and benefits

Generate traceability for commercial and installation management.
Optimize routes for commercial visits.
Improve customer satisfaction by making the process faster and more visible.
Increase productivity due to compliance with operational protocols on installation work.
Streamline and increase commercial conversion by creating and signing contracts on site.

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Fenix – ENGIE Mexico


Engie, one of the world’s leading energy companies, required a tool to manage its home gas services in Mexico.


Tutenlabs implemented its Sales and Field Installation Teams Management solution, with the following functionalities:

  • Creation and assignment of trade routes.
  • Digital signatures on documents.
  • Automatic creation of work orders for installation.
  • Automated assignment and tracking of jobs.
  • Integration with SAP.


  • +1,300 active users, in addition to sales, installation and back-office teams.
  • USD +70 thousand in sales and installations managed annually on the platform.
  • The time between sale and installation reduced by 50%.

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