Field data management

Digitize the collection and management of productive data. Schedule measurement rounds, assign managers and validate their correct execution. Monitor your processes in real time and make sure they are under control all the time, avoiding product losses and equipment failures. Access data easily to do analytics and continuously optimize processes.


Impact and benefits

Ensures correct and effective completion of measurement rounds.

Reduces manual work and double imputation.

Reduces errors and loss of information.

Optimizes the use of productive inputs.

Allows you to react on time to anomalies, reducing product losses and equipment failures.
Generate insights for process optimization.

Tutenlabs products used


We apply our field data management solution to the following industries.

Mass consumption - Tutenlabs
Industrial production - Tutenlabs
Agro-industry - Tutenlabs
Foods - Tutenlabs


Food producing companies


A tool to manage the more than 100,000 measurement rounds carried out annually by one of Chilean’s leading chicken, pork and salmon producer companies on its chicken production line, at 20 different points was needed.


Tutenlabs implemented a data management platform that allowed Agrosuper to:

  • Plan and assign measurement rounds.
  • Capture data digitally at different points on the production line.
  • Monitor the correct execution of measurements.
  • Do analytics and generate insights to optimize production.


An increase of 0.5% on productive performance was generated, leading to an increase of USD 4M in EBITDA.

Smartly manage your processes

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