Consumer Packaged Goods

We can bring you a wide range of solutions optimizing operational processes in the CPG industry, from production data management and analytics, as well as asset monitoring and maintenance management of production, distribution, or storage facilities.

On-site maintenance management
On-site maintenance management

On-site Maintenance Management

You can integrally manage preventive and corrective maintenance activities. You can upload task schedules, assign them, and track their execution in a single location using platforms customized to each type of user. As well, you can measure equipment productivity and perform continuous data-based improvement.
Multi-site maintenance management

Multi-site Maintenance Management

Integrate the management of preventive and corrective maintenance for multi-site operations and distributed networks. Additionally, you can upload task schedules, assign them, and track their completion in one place by using platforms tailored to each type of user. Measure team productivity and perform data-driven continuous improvement.
Multi-site maintenance management
Field data management
Field data management

Field Data Management

Automate the collection and management of production data, schedule measurement rounds, assign responsibility and validate the execution. Monitor your processes in real-time to ensure they are always controlled, preventing product losses and equipment failures. Additionally, data is easily accessible for analytics and continuous process improvement.

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