Claims & Case Management

Integrate and optimize your claims management process from start to finish with our Claims & Case Management solution, with which your clients can enter their cases digitally, validate applicability automatically and assign and monitor insurance adjusters and professionals for the resolution of the case.


Impact and benefits

Provide traceability to your company and the client in each case.

Reduces case processing time.

Improves customer experience and increases satisfaction (NPS) and loyalty.

Reduces administration costs.

Reduces fraud.

Systems integration reduces manual work and errors.

Generates commercial and operational insights.

Tutenlabs products used


We apply our claims & management solution to the following industries.

Insurance - Tutenlabs


Insurance company


One of the largest insurance companies in Latin America needed a platform to manage the processing of thousands of complaints monthly, entered through different channels (telephone, web, face-to-face), integrate various systems involved in the process and coordinate numerous internal and external actors along the chain.


Tutenlabs implemented its Claims and Cases Management platform, allowing the client to automatically manage claims, from the first notification to their resolution. The system has the following functionalities:

  • Entry of complaints via web or app.
  • Follow-up of the case by the client, customer service and allies.
  • Evaluation of cases against policies.
  • Assignment and management of allies for case resolution.


  • Expected decrease in claims costs by more than 20%.
  • Expected decrease in case processing time by 30%.
  • 60,000+ complaints processed per year.
  • 1,000+ active users on the platform.

Smartly manage your processes

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