Assets monitoring and management

Optimize maintenance management, save energy and provide a consistent and excellent experience to your customers and collaborators. Our remote monitoring center, located in Atlanta, monitors your HVAC, refrigeration, lighting or other equipment, using IoT devices.

We proactively identify technical anomalies, resolving them remotely, if possible. If a technical visit is necessary, we guide the base field team to ensure an effective resolution in the shortest possible time.


Impact and benefits

Reduction of maintenance expenses in anticipation of problems, and reduction of number and duration of technical visits.

Increased service life of equipment by maintaining operation under optimal parameters.

Assurance of consistent experience, controlling compliance with corporate standards.

Reduction of product losses caused by technical failures.

Reduction of equipment downtime and improvement in operational continuity.

Reduction of energy expenditure.

Improvement in sustainability indicators.

Generation of insights to support future equipment investment decisions. Real-time monitoring of the status of activities, with georeferencing of sites and equipment.

Tutenlabs products used


We apply our asset monitoring and management solution to the following industries.

Retail - Tutenlabs
Health - Tutenlabs
Education - Tutenlabs
Storage and distribution - Tutenlabs
Telecommunications - Tutenlabs
Banking - Tutenlabs


Furniture retailer


Furniture retailer with more than 100 stores in the United States, needed a solution to optimize its energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs.


Tutenlabs implemented its remote assets monitoring and management solution, Tuten Enhance, including monitoring, remote technical troubleshooting, reporting and energy management analytics.


  • Reduced the company’s total energy consumption by 29% annually.
  • Savings of more than US$5M have been generated since the start of the service.

Smartly manage your processes

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